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Nominations open for awards to be given at Spring Conference

The NCTCA Awards Committee will now accept nominations for the Tax Collector of the Year and the Outstanding Tax Employee of the Year awards.  As specified in Article VIII, Section 5, of the NCTCA Constitution, the Awards Committee will consider the following qualifications of the candidates when screening the nomination submittals:
Tax Collector of the Year
“The nominee for this award should be selected on the basis of individual leadership in county or municipal government, as evidenced by outstanding performance of duties and responsibility of office and performance of services of value to other counties or municipalities of the state.”
Outstanding Tax Employee of the Year
“The nominee for this award should be selected on the basis of being an employee of an appointed collector within any area or division of a local government tax department within North Carolina.  An employee being nominated should promote improvements and enhancements to the area of tax collections and/or internal office procedures; willingness to provide new and creative ideas to the area of collection techniques; challenge themselves and other tax employees to promote the best customer service to citizens of North Carolina; motivated to set high standards for other employees to follow.”
The submission deadline is Friday, March 8, 2013.  Please submit your nomination letter and any accompanying documents you would like the committee to review by using one of the following methods:
E-mail:  Please scan the nomination documents into a PDF file and email it to and write NCTCA Tax Collector of the Year or NCTCA Outstanding Tax Employee of the Year in the subject line of the message.
Mail:  Please mail the nomination documents to the following address:
Kimberly H. Simpson
Durham County Tax Administrator
NCTCA Nomination (Confidential)
PO Box 3397
Durham, NC 27701
It is very important that each nomination submission have the name and contact information for the person making the nomination.  This will enable the Awards Committee to contact you with questions and for any other reason as needed.  I encourage all NCTCA members to take a few moments to consider submitting a nomination for an appointed tax collector and/or a tax employee who you feel deserves consideration for these distinguished awards.  The committee is looking forward to this process and to announcing the recipients at the conference in April.
Please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Simpson with any questions you have about this process.  More information can also be found in the NCTCA constitution at the following link: