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NCTCA History

 NCTCA honors our past and current advisors

Albert Coates

Henry Lewis

Bill Campbell

Shea Denning Chris McLaughlin

Albert Coates:
first director of the Institute of Government


Henry Lewis: 
1946 - 1978
Professor of Law and Government


Bill Campbell: 
1969 - 2003
Professor of Law and Government


Shea Denning: 
2003 - 2008
Associate Professor of Law and Government


Chris McLaughlin:
2008 - current
Assistant Professor of Law and Government,
2012 Bill Campbell Award Recipient


The North Carolina Tax Collector’s Association is an organization that was formed with the sole purpose of providing education and training opportunities for the municipal and county tax collectors across the State of North Carolina. 
The NCTCA traces its humble beginnings back to a small meeting held on December 5th and 6th, 1944, at what was then the equivalent of our current annual conference. This meeting and the associated discussion topics are highlighted in a January 1945 issue of Popular Government. At the conclusion of this meeting the 27 people in attendance voted to form an association to be known as the North Carolina Association of City and County Tax Collectors and open to all collectors in the State. Since that time the association evolved into the NCTCA with membership open to all collectors and their eligible staff members.   The association has grown in both scope and size over the years and has come to be known as one of the more respected collectors associations across the United States. The influence and hard work of many of our tax collectors is felt beyond our own State’s borders. Several members of the NCTCA worked hard to establish the Tax Collector’s Section of the International Association of Assessing Officers. This section was formally organized and represented at the 2007 IAAO conference in Atlanta, GA. Additionally the NCTCA received formal membership status in the IAAO as of December 2011.  
For over 40 years the annual conference and meetings were located at the Institute of Government at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. By the mid-1980s the group had become large enough that the meetings had to be moved offsite to various hotels and conference centers located around the state. The Institute of Government, now known as the School of Government, has had an invaluable influence on the history and the continued relevancy of the NCTCA. Through a long history of invaluable advisors and programs the SOG, the NCTCA, and the N.C. Department of Revenue have been able to provide meaningful educational and training opportunities for tax collection staffs throughout the organization’s storied history. With 65 years of history we look forward to continuing these relationships for the benefit of those to come after us.
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